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I am the world’s greatest expert on me and how I feel.

I am no health expert, but one thing I do know is that I am the world’s greatest expert on me and how I feel. An individual should take responsibility for their own health not expect anyone else to do it for them. We are all told throughout our lives that doctors know best. How true is this? I have discussed my health experiment with doctors and the ones I have spoken to are unaware of some of the details and facts I’ve gained knowledge off. Do doctors once they’ve qualified stop keeping pace with the new discoveries? There are some amazing facts that have been known for years and are being kept hidden mostly because Big Pharma can’t make any money from them or the processed food industry want to keep hidden the real damaging truth about their processed food.

Since my MS diagnosis I have never been asked about my diet, my sugar intake or my bowel movements 3 critical things, I do remember seeing a leaflet about diet, saying changing my diet could help, not saying that changing my diet was Crueshal. I never realised until recently that I was severely addicted to sugar, that itchiness and skin rash on my back was a result of my sugar intake. My recent reading shows how bad sugar is for your health I was totally a sugar addict I could never pass a sweet shop without buying a bag of sweets and even now I find that I really miss the sugar. In my teens at work I used to chain drink Lift Lemon Tea sometimes having 18 or more cups a day.

Ingredients of Lift Lemon Tea

  • Dextrose,
  • Soluble Solids of Tea (6.7%),
  • Acid (Citric Acid),
  • Dried Glucose Syrup,
  • Acidity Regulator (E331),
  • Flavourings,
  • Vitamin C.

Not a heath drink but I was addicted but on a day to day basis I was drinking the lemon tea from a vending machine so the ingredients might have been a lot worse and not the Lift product. One of the hardest things to do when trying to improve your health is to wean your self of sugar, I lapse from time to time, well I’m only human but it’s vital, stop eating processed foods that’s really easy, though more cheaper than the alternatives, that’s where supermarkets win the battle, they can keep the price of your meals down – But what price health. Humans are clearly loosing the battle we are living longer but not healthier.

What makes processed foods so bad? Added sugar obviously, but ingredients are reconstituted from their natural state by processing methods. Processing changes things it removes necessary fibre in a way that might cause your body to be unable to recognise the food which by its new construction is alien to the human body so it’s now missing necessary minerals and vitamins. It’s been said that this unnatural change to foods by processing is causing the obesity epidemic and that obese people are actually starving themselves as they are eating food that is alien to the human body. The processed food industry are well aware about this but clearly not taking any action.

We all need to be able to find a functional medicine practitioner, but where are they?

Conspiracy Theory

Working treatments from natural methods and natural supplements have been masked and suppressed for years. I am now a believer in conspiracy theory if I wasn’t one before.

Drugs are not always the answer

There are better ways drugs are not always the answer. Some enlightened doctors and researchers’ are coming up with better ways and although they still don’t know everything they are much more likely to get a better outcome for their patients. Functional medicine is surely the key.

Doctor are given so little time to really get to the heart of any problem they seem to have time to log on the their computer and dole out drugs. My doctors were hopeless when I had a stress induced MS attach which was a nerve pain attack. I was offered paracetamol or something similar a totally ineffective pain killer for nerve pain, I had to get the MS Nurse to tell my doctor to give me a massively high dose of steroids. The chemist thought the doctor had made a mistake with the dose and refused to give them to me without speaking to the doctor. I wouldn’t like to be long term on steroids but it was the first time in 8 years that I had actually been totally pain free amazing drugs and they served their purpose but long term use is seriously damaging.

Now I’m taking my high dose D3 I still have hypersensitivity when I wear trousers its like they are scalding me, but it’s been the same feeling I’ve had for years now so it’s just normal. Often now it’s getting less and less obvious I am forgetting more and more about it hopefully it’s going to completely disappear but at least it’s lessening.

The modern health system is not designed to cure patients

The modern health system is designed to operate on treating symptoms, not to cure the diseases that gave you the symptoms in the first place. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been on  large doses of D3 I’ve sailed through life without catching colds or flues, which had been catching out so many of the people surrounding me.

I bet you would find so many less incidences of colds and flu if NHS advised patents to take D3 in place of getting a very ineffective flu jab. I am really anti flu jabs anyway and here’s why:-

In the winter of 2009 I followed up getting a flu jab due to me apparently being very susceptible according the doctors letter. So I got the jab with the additional swine flu jab and it consequently brought on a major MS attack. I was bed ridden for a week and only after a massive doses of steroids did I get back to a reasonable mobility state. The jab could have left me permanently disabled as it was it left me far weaker and no longer able to run. But was I being told to get the jab because I really was at risk or because my doctors practice get paid for every flu jab they administer?

Inserted taken from NHS England prof flu vac payments.

Payment for FLu Jabs

If Doctors are being given incentives to use a vaccine rather than a more effective natural alternative what hope have we got. Here is a link taken from The Telegraph about Individual NHS doctors receiving £100,000 per year from drugs firms

Is our health really being taken care of by Doctors?

Doctors don’t know everything

Doctors don’t know everything and I don’t know everything, but current medical training misses much of the great research done with natural supplements and complementary medicinal practices. Function Medicine is the key.

It is not in a drug company’s interest for you to stop using their drugs again and again

It is not in a drug company’s interest to get you out of having to use the drug again and again, there is no profit in the drug company curing you, and they’ll only make profits by managing the symptoms and getting you to buy more of their drugs.