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Oral health is important to total health

Great article about oral health. Took me a few years but now totally free of amalgam fillings and the article informs you why this is necessary for your health, Oral Health.

B12 don’t let yourself become deficient.

Interesting video detailing B12 issues:-


  • depression
  • neuropathy
  • exertional dyspnea
  • weakness
  • anemia
  • visual disturbances
  • altered mental status
  • confusion
  • dementia
  • dizziness
  • syncope
  • gait or balance disorder
  • falls or fall-related trauma
  • orthostatic hypotension
  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • tremor
  • incontinence
  • hyperhomocystinemia
  • poor wound healing
  • poor immune response to vaccinations
  • another disorder diagnosed, therefore B12 deficiency not considered


A book with fabulous information about the sad truth of the medical misdiagnosis of B12 deficiency.