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If you’ve read any of my blog before you may have noticed that I am on my own personal health journey. I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis but I noticed some of my symptoms were getting worse which prompted me to act. Since January 2015 I have been reading daily books on health and Diet, I have found out some amazing and worrying things some of these things everyone should know and much of the things I will now share with you are critical for your health they are not things that should be ignored.

I was always predestined to have health issues

In every person their health is predetermined by a balance between their genes and their lifestyle -lifestyle being diet, exercise, stresses, location that is nearness to the equator etc.… the balance at inception is estimated to be 20% genes, 80 % Lifestyle. I was going to say birth but I think it goes back further than that else why are there miscarriages and birth defects?

I was born by caesarean and formula fed not breast fed to a mother who loved sugar and smoked so I inherited a Sugar addiction and I didn’t inherit the optimal gut microbes that a virginal birth would have given me. Gut microbe research is going to be the next big health thing. Some amazing results are currently being revealed for FMT but that’s a huge fascinating subject to blog about in a future posts.

I’ve never smoked but just as an illustration about the power that the sugar industry has over us I will take cigarettes’ as an example. It’s thought by some that sugar was added to cigarettes to make them addictive. Did you know? Every cigarette contains half a teaspoonful of sugar! It’s the white processed sugar in cigarettes that’s prematurely ageing and killing people. Smokers and diabetics are unaware of the sugar in smokes undermining their health. Consider this: The World’s number 1 sugar customer – the processed food industry. World’s number 2 sugar customer – the tobacco industry. Medical World News states the sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer. Manufactures add sugar, creating the sugar habit as well as the nicotine habit. When a smoker tries to quit they may struggle. Suddenly the sugar isn’t there anymore, so they may crave sugary products. Resulting in weight gain. Cigarettes are the only product that doesn’t print its ingredients on the box! We have been deliberately misled to believe it’s made of tar, nicotine and other toxic fillers. But they don’t tell you there’s half a teaspoon of processed sugar in each cigarette. 10-20% sugar is added to cigarettes. Up to 20% in cigars. 40% in pipe tobacco. Based on experimental studies is was found that the sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer, that was when comparing lung cancer rates where sugar was added and where it wasn’t. So what? Remember that refined (white) sugar is the most addictive drug in the world. . Boosting sugar levels, say the researchers, makes the smoke more poisonous.

At this time no one can tell you how much the 20%/80% health scale gets tipped by for specifics but the odds were not in my favour. I was a serious sugars addict from as far back as I can remember. I could not pass up any chance to eat sweets. If I ever had money in my pocket I would buy sweets and I loved crisps and sugary drinks, never a day went by when I was not eating sugar. The damage that sugar does to your body has been masked and hidden by the Big Companies for years and years. I was well addicted to processed foods and really sugary products like Pizza’s and easy zap in the microwave meals.

My health balance I now believe because of my diet and lifestyle led me into being diagnosed with MS in the year 1999 when I was 39. The genetics in my case would always have been something neurological as my Grandmother on my Mother’s side died of disseminated scleroses (a past term for what is now known as Multiple Sclerosis), she had been a quadriplegic for about 8 years before she died. My mother is in a home with Alzheimer’s and My Uncle (Mum’s brother) died of Parkinson’s. Basically my genetics gave me a high likelihood of a neurological issue if my lifestyle was not managed optimally which it certainly wasn’t my ignorance was to blame not my genetics.

All this information I have now been researching is new to me, but my life would have been different if I had respected my health and lifestyle more, but sadly the information was not available to me at the time. It’s sad really as a lot of these facts were known at that time but as I do my own research I find so many people like myself and doctors are still unaware of many of the facts that I have been researching on. There are some great ways to help your health journey that do not involve drugs. It almost criminal (actually it is really criminal) what is happening in the world regrading health and diet matters, but unfortunately there is big money and big companies involved, you only have to do your own research in pub med to find a lot of great answers to health issues, but if a natural substance is found by the research it will be put on the back shelf as you cannot licence a herb or a natural substance, so if no money is to be made results are forgotten about (Purposely?). If you could licence D3 we would all be prescribed it as a necessary supplement for all. You are not being told just what the damage is to you if you eat processed food, it is highly likely you are seriously damaging your health especially if the meat used in the process is factory farm produced.

The latest research on Alzheimer’s labels it as type 3 diabetes surely an indication of something wrong with the person’s blood sugar. Are we as a nation now destined to live longer but not live healthier?

Could it be the Sugar that contributed to my MS, containing some sweeteners like Aspartame have been linked to MS see:-  http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/the-truth-about-aspartame.aspx

Do we really know what we eat?





My name is Carolyn and I’m a sugar addict

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