Interview with Dr Coimbra, whole interview in english

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By Dr. Francisco Calvo,

Clinic for Autoimmune and Chronic

Diseases, Spain


Published on 7 Mar 2016

Interview with Dr Cicero Galli Coimbra
by Dr Francisco Calvo
in English

2 thoughts on “Interview with Dr Coimbra, whole interview in english

  1. Mirela says:

    I take tamoxifen for brest cancer and i nave also SM and i take 100 000 ui/ day d3. IT is ok ?

    • Torpenhow says:

      The owner of this site is not qualified to comment on your condition. There are some books out there for example

      How Not To Die With True High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy: Coimbra’s Protocol and the Secrets of Safe High-Dose Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 Supplementation
      by Tiago Henriques and Miriam Henriques

      Which can help you follow a safer path with D3

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