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I need to stop reading and reacting to MS forums. I’ve had MS since 1998 but only started really feeling the effects after I had a Swine Flu vaccination in 2008, the mercury in the vaccine I believe triggered an MS attack, leaving my legs usable in the end but in pain. For the last 4 years I have been on a massive health journey researching and trialing on myself natural treatments. Today for the first time I have got absolutely no pain in my right leg for the first time in 11+ years, soon my left leg will be sorted as well. Stop thinking that MS is incurable that’s rubbish it is totally curable. Stop encouraging the placebo effect if you think your getting worse you will only get worse. Start your own journey for health.

I no longer acknowledge that I have MS as I am changing my gene expression with Trinfinity 8 and soon the last of my symptoms will be gone.

Now it’s interesting when I walk as one leg is so much stronger than the other it’s making me wobbly I have to learn to adjust.

Do you think the glass is half full or half empty? It’s full if you just look again.

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