Energy Healing for a house

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It’s been a while since I’ve written in this blog so here’s the latest. I have discovered more of the power of my Trinfinity 8. I had decided to sell my house earlier this year and put it on the market at the beginning of May. When I first put the house on the market there was no real interest; a couple of totally unsuitable people came to view clearly not going to buy. The house is large 5 bedroom family home with a built in 2 bedroom annex, and an extensive garden. Basically if you don’t have a large family or the budget to do major development &/or conversion work steer clear it’s not for you. I wasn’t impressed with the first agent so I got a few more valuations from other agents coming out at a considerably lower price. So I Lowered the price to a more sensible one splitting the top offer and the bottom offer in the middle and changed agents still no real interest.  I also got a valuation to knock the house down to build 2×4 bed semi’s and a bungalow. At the start of the process I was convinced the house was worth more as a building plot, but that gave me the lowest figure I should probably accept.

Then I had an idea to try Energy Healing on the house. I put together an energy healing and cleansing program, you can do this type of work on a photo. WOW 3 offers in the first week way too far below the asking price by people who want to really rebuild and change the house. I changed my intention to get more suitable potential buyers round, and buoy did I get more viewings. In the last few weeks getting almost one new viewing a day, and better offers until today (21st July) something triggered a bidding war. I’m happy to say Wirral Council won my home and it is destined to be a respite care home for children. There is such powerful energy in the house now I am loving it for the first time in my life. My old home is going to be my future. The final offer I got was £30,000 over the valuation as a building plot I actually got my asking price.

I am more than aware of what the Trinfinity 8 can do but If I had any doubts they’re gone now, It’s been amazing and I know the home will be an amazing place for the children.

The house went into a further bidding war and I got my original asking price, amazing!

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