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My experience with Multiple Sclerosiis

What is MS? (MS Society)

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord which make up the central nervous system and controls everything we do. The exact cause of MS is unknown, but we do know that something triggers the immune system to attack the brain and spinal cord. The resulting damage to myelin, the protective layer insulating wire-like nerve fibers, disrupts signals to and from the brain. This interruption of communication signals causes unpredictable symptoms such as numbness, tingling, mood changes, memory problems, pain, fatigue, blindness and/or paralysis. Everyone’s experience with MS is different and these losses may be temporary or long lasting. That was a quote for the MS Society but it’s also what doctors tell you. I It’s not hereditary but there is a hereditary link.

I know what caused my MS and most of the other well know diseases. Its poor diet, environmental choices and tour thoughts and feeling. I have read over 300 hundred health books. Blogs pub med articles and YouTube videos now to come to my conclusions. This is confirmed by Dr Carolyn Dean in her book Death by Modern Medicine. In the book she provides proof that every disease has the same origin.

How were you diagnosed

In 1998 I had tingling down my left side like mild pins and needles. I diagnosed myself googling my symptoms. The doctor told me that my diagnosis was rubbish it was probably a trapped nerve and sent me off for an x-ray of my back, how would an x-ray find nerve damage beats me. It went away after a few weeks but then came back a month or 2 later down both legs and I had a mild MS hug (hyper sensitivity). I went back to the doctor. This time I was sent off for an MRI which clearly showed lesions in my spine and brain. MS was diagnosed. Lesions are the sign of myelin damage.

Categories of MS

Signs and symptoms

These can be many and varied. It is a very much misunderstood disease. My grandmother died of it she had ended up as a quadriplegic she’d had disseminated sclerosis which would now be called Primary Progressive PPMS. It could have been very frightening being given a diagnosis like this. But at the time I was able to ignore this, helped by my specialist who said it would probably not affect me for another 20 years. Not helpful at all as I should have been told to make diet and lifestyle changes. I realise now that I have regressed the fear of this diagnosis until now as a defence mechanism.

If you look at many MS symptoms they have a surprising similarity to symptoms of heavy metal poisoning and I’m really surprised the association is not widely known. In fact it has been document many times that MS symptoms can disappear with the removal of amalgam fillings which have a high mercury content.

I didn’t take MS too seriously until I lost the use of my legs in 2008, (directly after having a vaccine) being bed ridden is no fun finding yourself crawling to the bathroom was like climbing a mountain. You forget how we take for granted the simple things in life. I was brought back to health by a massive dose of steroids, you know the dose is excessive when a chemist has to phone the doctor before releasing the pills.


What is the best diet for any illness condition? Often people quote the Wahls Protocol or the Swank diet. We are all individuals what works best for one person could be disastrous for someone else. But what I describe as the EDIT diet should work best for everyone for any health issue, by this I have lost over 3 stone and reduced my dress size from a 16 going on 18 to a 10 going on 8. Basically this involved not watching the calories at all eating whatever I wanted providing that it was completely natural, grown in nature and not processed in any way, preferably organic. Any animal product has to be free range and not be produced by feeding any artificial diet so no farmed fish, grass fed meats only though that got too difficult and expensive so I went mainly vegetarian. Certainly no supermarket meats as these are mostly factory farmed so artificial diets and produced under stress, definitely no processed foods. No dairy, wheat, gluten or sugary products so basically back to a basics.

What your trying to achieve is your body being on the slightly alkaline side of PH neutral. Overnight when you sleep your body attempts to bring itself back to PH neutral so sleep is one of the best of nature’s healers.

My experience with MS

After my first diagnosis I had several small MS episodes, but despite this  was still ignoring MS until in 2014 when I was really tested. My partner of 12 years got arrested then jailed I was devastated and expected a stress MS attack. An attack like that in the past at this time was like having really bad pins and needles in every cell in your body, it’s a pure pain attack and there is just nothing you or anyone else can do you just have to wait it out sometimes for hours at a time. Luckily before this happened I had discovered the amazing impact of turmeric, which has a major anti-inflammatory affect. I breed horses and Divina one of my broodmare was 26 at that time, she’d had 16 foals and was looking stiff and struggling almost on her way out. I had started her on turmeric having read it was good for dogs. The effect was amazing she became like a 2 year old running around flirting with the boys again. So I started making and drinking turmeric golden milk and then taking it in tablet form. I have not had any form of MS attack since starting to take Turmeric and will forever be taking this as a supplement it’s just amazing. Luckily I have always had red hair as I’ve noticed with any horses I give it too in the end they all get a reddish tinge to their coat. Divina lived until the ripe old age of 33 still on her daily turmeric.

In 2015 I had been working as a SQL Server Contractor with my own business I used to always get renewals on my contracts but all of a sudden it was getting harder to get through interviews. No one tells you when you’re losing it. At this time I had my mother in a home with Alzheimer’s and her brother my Uncle Vic had just died of Parkinson’s. I thought this was it for me. Brain fog can be a major issue with MS and clearly I was at that stage.

I have absolutely no idea how I came across it but I found a book that started off my health journey.


Vitamin D3 made a massive difference to my health, almost all cells in the human body are impacted by Vitamin D.. Since reading Jeff’s book I have been on double the amount of D3 that Jeff was on at times and despite Doctors warning me I was killing myself, I am still around, A lab technician actually phoned me when she saw my test results to tell me to stop immediately. You just have to understand how to balance the D3 which is not actually a vitamin it is a secosteroid hormone and is a major player in human health. The recommended daily dose of vitamin D3 in the UK  is 5,000 IU’s but that is just the amount you actually need not to die from a deficiency so it’s grossly inaccurate as a daily recommended amount. I took 200,000 IU’s for about 2 weeks this actually less than half a teaspoonful in powder form. We have been deliberately misled on doses this amount I was on was the equivalent to being out in the sun at the equator for half an hour. You would burn obviously but it would not kill you. The unit of measure was changed early last century when it was realised the doctors and hospitals were getting too few patients after vitamin D was discovered. It can be very dangerous but only if you don’t know what your doing.

The reason I could take such a massive amount of Vitamin D3 and not completely remove all my symptoms or have any major adverse impact, I discovered was because of my heavy metal load. By this time I had already replaced all my mercury fillings but it wasn’t until I started taking zeolites as a heavy metal chelator that I realised that this was now my problem. From the time I started taking zeolite as a binder I noticed a massive shift in my mood it was like a revelation. I remember the first day after taking the supplement walking to the short distance into work and hearing a tune playing in a passing car and wanting to sing and dance into the office. One of those wow moments that I knew was important.

We often don’t know who we are as human beings and too often give our power away to others like doctors. We forget our bodies are amazing more powerful than any artificially created devices like computers or robots, we are still not able to create robots that can perform every motion that a human can, though we are getting close. Until recently we believed that our appendix for example was an unnecessary organ, only now to find its extremely important as a backup for the good bacteria our bodies need in our gut. In the past doctors told us to feed our babies formula as it had everything a baby needs. We were so arrogant as to think we knew better than nature which gave us breast milk created by nature over time from when humans first evolved. Breast milk contains the absolutely correct amount of nutrition and microbes to feed a new born optimally. We are still saying that a high protein is essential in our diets. If breast milk contains only 2% of the protein needed by humans as babies at the time they are developing at the maximum rate how true is it that we now need more than 2% in our diets?

As Humans we are incredibly intelligent beings.

It’s now widely understood that we use very little of our total brain’s capacity. Our conscious mind is actually very limited. It can only do so much without getting sidetracked. Just try meditating for a few minutes. Within a few seconds you’ll find your mind wandering to something else. Our conscious mind is only about 5 percent of our total intelligence and scientists are now suggesting that it might be even less than that.

The much greater part of your brain power lies within the subconscious mind. It’s like a human computer. It’s active ALL the time and actually records everything you experience. Every face you’ve ever seen, every beautiful thing in nature, every smell, every song, every sound, every memory. It also stores every illness, every injury, every thought and feeling, every painful moment, the entire history of every cell in your body is archived in the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious knows everything your body needs to achieve better health and balance but most people don’t know how to tap into this knowledge. Imagine if we had access to that other 95 percent.

We actually do.

Muscle testing AKA Applied Kinesiology is designed to bring subconscious information into conscious awareness. What if you could easily find out exactly what you needed in order to do better or feel better? Can you imagine what the potential impact would be on your emotional and physical wellbeing?

Are symptoms in your body are just your bodies way of telling you something is wrong? If you have a limbic system dysfunction symptoms could be misleading you and your doctor. When you have a headache do you first ask yourself have I drunk enough today or do you reach straight for the pills?

We are only just understanding that 90% of the human body is actually made up from microbes yet we happily go about using these endocrine disrupting products like anti bac’s not even aware that they are damaging.

On this blog there is a variety of information I have picked up over time but the main thing I know now is that we are all energy beings everything is about energy. I am now a trained Bioenergy healer. I’ve seen some amazing things using Bioenergy a profoundly deaf child throw away his hearing aids, seeing a mother in floods of happy tears when her autistic son looked into her eyes for the very first time. A woman with the distorted features of Parkinson’s on day one of her 4 days of short sessions, unable to walk without a walking frame, look totally normal after day 4 and forget the frame until reminded to collect it. I was able with the use of telekinesis move a person in another room with just my hand movements.

I also found a device that is exceptional at healing the body and mind it is called Trinfinity 8. I was introduced to it 4 years ago by a lady who’s sister at that time was diagnosed 8 years before with terminal cancer. That sister is now still active and fit after T8 treatments with no cancer. I used it to change the energy on my house and I ended up being able to sell it for way more than I could ever have imagined.  I use it on myself to do many things including reverse aging and reversed all the graying in my hair, I started going gray in my late 20’s. I used it as a remote session on a barren brood mare who took in foal the first time covered after theT8 sessions.

Most people are unaware of the other forms of healing out there which are not based on the Newtonian physics which our current medical system is based on. Most are far more up to date and open to new ways of thinking and working. What ended up being the NHS could have gone 2 ways in its foundation preventative medicine or management of symptoms, which is where we are now, call me cynical but there is no money in curing people.

One practice is Quantum medicine. Quantum physics is really opening up to new thinking just looking at the work of Dr Bruce Lipton. Who was ridiculed in the past for his work using Quantum Physics despite his pioneering research on cloned human stem cells he presaged today’s revolutionary new field of epigenetics. He is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief. The truth of his work is now wildly accepted and praised. Bruce discovered that once genes have been expressed they can actually be switched off and that humans are not hostages to their genes. Bruce discovered that It is the environment that selects the genetic activity, which again endorses my research in that environment plays a massive part in ones’ health journey.

Quantum medicine has come up with some fascinating discoveries the first quantum device that I have discovered and am using to great effect is a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer. This device was originally invented over 20 years ago in Germany but surprisingly has gained little traction. It’s a biofeedback device.

The QMRA device replaces the use of examination using chemical analysis, ultrasound, MRI or radiography for diagnosis. Simply taking a sensor in the palm of your hand, data on various health systems of the body are collected in a few minutes. The QMRA provides new advantages in the field of analysis. It measures the response of a subject to be tested, and compares results with the reference material, it recognizes any deviation from the desired response. It measures a response to over 39 functions of the human body. Including Heart, lung, Kidney, Liver functions as well as toxicity, antioxidant and vitamin levels. I’ve used it on about 30 individuals now and can confirm it has always picked up on known issues every time.

18 months ago I undertook a past life progression to clear the stuck energy from my past which was very liberating and am now trained to be able to do this on others. I was also really lucky enough to have a future life progression. At the time I was in shock for what came up. I thought no way what’s this all about I’m not sure I believed in it and didn’t think anyway that I could possibly be able to do it. What it came up with within 5 years was surprising to say the least but within 10 years is massive really unbelievable, I’ve yet to get my head around that.

With the sale of my house last November I am in the process of applying for planning permission to build my forever home which will be part of a holistic energy healing centre offering a hydrotherapy pool with Trinfinity 8 crystals infused into the water, with a far infrared and colour therapy sauna. If I have enough funds; there may be other treatments available and a meditation pod. The centre will be specialising in neurological conditions but will be open to all. Which was exactly what came up in my future life progression session. In the plans there may be 1 or 2 additional therapy rooms as I’m hoping that other holistic healing practitioners will join me. Maybe Ozone therapy as that is something I would like to see more widely available.

This August I completed an intense training course to learn applied kinesiology (use of muscle monitoring as a form of biofeedback), I passed the exam and a practical test but now I need to do some case studies to complete the course. This something I believe that everyone should learn and be taught in schools. You can gauge a true or false answer to any question that you ask about current and past events including is this food item good for me or will it damage me, just by using a quick muscle test. If you are skeptical about this read Power vs Force by Sir Dr David Hawkins or watch one of Donna Edens training videos she cured herself from a MS diagnosis and cancer as a young women and now at 79 (born 1943) she is still going strong teaching energy medicine all around the world.

If you encounter someone with MS in the Wirral there is a fantastic support centre in Chester called the Neuro Therapy Centre. This is a charity that provides support to people with long-term neurological conditions and their Carers. They have a Hypobaric Oxygen chamber which can help with energy levels. They were a great help to me for quite a number of years and highly recommend them for any support.

I can use my Trinfnity 8 on anyone in person or remotely, Kineseology or use Bioenergy treatments. Soon I will be to use Kinesiology to maybe identify the blocked energy channel in a person and clear the blockage through Trinfinity 8, Kineseology or Bioenergy who knows the world is my oyster.

In hindsight MS is the best thing that could ever have happened to me. It has shaped my life and has made me a better person for it. MS like any other diagnosis is just a label and as I know well from my research and experience labels can be ripped off.

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Ever wondered about the mass Deteriorating Health epidemic?

Modern day farming and mass production of food leaves all of us extremely vulnerable. The unnatural diet we feed to animals in mass production is too fatten them up for consumption. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realise that if we eat the meat produces from that animal we will likewise get fat and its not a healthy fat. It has the wrong balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats.

GMO is that unhealthy? Personally I would say yes but the jury’s out we are messing with nature and that’s been proved time and time again to be dangerous. Look at the pollution in the waters around us the chemicals we are putting down our drains? Look at the floride being added to water its poison so why is it in our water and our  toothpaste’s. Look at Aluminium in deodorants why when the autopsies of Alzheimers patients are shown to have high amount of Aluminium in their brains. We cook with this metal we absorb it through our skin.

Are we really doomed…..We are controlled by consumerism and big players who are more interested in the bottom line than in the health of their consumers.


What caused your health issue?

I’ve updated my Eureka moment article again, after 36 months of research.

Everybody needs to take responsibility for their own health as we have been constantly misled by modern society and the modern systems. We have come to believe that doctors know everything, often they are are brilliant at what they do but all too often they opt for the prescription pad without considering a natural treatment. Also conventional medicine is based on the one size fits all approach. We are all individuals with different diets and lifestyles surely functional medicine must be the way forward.

We are all gradually damaging ourselves and conventional medicine is only geared at treating the symptoms and not resolving or preventing the cause . Over 18 months ago doctors were telling me to stop taking the massive doses of vitamin D3 I was taking, I was given several tests but they all came out as normal even the thyroid test despite the fact that I had lost all the hair on the edge of my eye brows a classic sign of a thyroid issue (Thyroid Healthy). I started on a natural thyroid supplement and my eye brows are back to normal. That seems to be the thing now you can carry on going to your doctor and getting a standard often inadequate test or you can do the research yourself. So far I have got far better results treating myself.

Here is why I believe you got your health problem and I got MS.

If you are overweight that is inflammation that is unhealthy you are damaging yourself, if you have any sort of health condition say Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Crones disease, Heart issues etc.. that is caused by inflammation. If you keep forgetting things and getting Dementia type symptoms that is inflammation. If you have any health condition diagnosed or not that is probably inflammation.

So what causes inflammation?

Inflammation is caused by the expression of your genes.  Your heath starts at inception where 20% of your health becomes programmed by your genes 80% by your environment. OK that figure has been quoted in a number of publications and I can’t see how that ratio was arrived at but go along with it as it’s probably close to the truth. Think of your genes being like keys on a giant keyboard and as you live your life your environment plays a tune with your genes switching them on and off, get your environment factors wrong and a bum note is played and the bad genes get the on key pressed. Play that wrong note too often and the keyboard gets out of tune your bad genes get switched maybe permanently on. This is obviously a very simplistic interpretation but hopefully it gives you the idea. This process can takes years which is why you or your doctors don’t recognise what the cause is, it may have taken anywhere for 1 – 50 years to form.

So what causes your Genes to be expressed?

Keep on playing the note wrong and the note can’t be pressed anymore it’s damaged it stays on and needs to be re tuned. You have ended up with a issue maybe a disease as your genes have been expressed. Your environment, living\working in a built up area*, your lifestyle, your eating choices, your geographic location, how much sun exposure you have (D3 levels), how much bad air you breath in, insufficient fresh natural air, textiles in your house, some modern materials**,  how much chemical exposure*** you are subject too and how much exercise you get plays the gene keyboard. Plus many many other things…. Basically you cause your own health problems by not providing the optimum environment for your body to thrive and play the correct tune.

*Traffic congestion increases vehicle emissions and degrades ambient air quality, and recent studies have shown excess morbidity and mortality for drivers, commuters and individuals living near major roadways

**Not all synthetic fabrics go straight into the “no” column, but some are more skin-friendly than others. Man-made fabrics—like polyester, nylon, and spandex—and wool may cause skin irritation, known as dermatitis Trusted Source. While most natural fabrics and nylon are breathable, silk and many synthetics are not, and wearing them can lead to athlete’s foot or other irritation or fungi due to trapped moisture. Check clothing tags for anything non-natural and bin it if it causes a rash.

**Asthma is associated with kids being exposed to cleaning products. Not all synthetic fabrics go straight into the “no” column, but some are more skin-friendly than others. Man-made fabrics—like polyester, nylon, and spandex—and wool may cause skin irritation, known as dermatitis Trusted Source. While most natural fabrics and nylon are breathable, silk and many synthetics are not, and wearing them can lead to athlete’s foot or other irritation or fungi due to trapped moisture. Check clothing tags for anything non-natural and nix it if it causes a rash.

It’s not really that simple!

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles and diet causes amongst other things some of the poor environmental factors. Your body cannot recognise foods that are processed they often have dangerous fats, they are missing vital minerals, or the minerals have been corrupted. Processing extracts minerals from foods or at least changes the constitution of minerals so your body does not recognise them, so your not getting the nutrients your body needs. This all leads to your body storing fat as it thinks your starving its why you can’t shed that weight. Genes will end up getting expressed and you will become ill. It all takes a long time building so you aren’t going to notice the inflammation response building up, that is why you still go on doing the things that are damaging you.

The processed food industry knows all about this yet they do nothing about it except package more processed foods under new ‘healthy’ labels, though it’s still the bad stuff but more attractively packaged you only have to read the labels properly to discover this for yourselves.

But that’s not all, the thing/s that actually controls the whole process is our microbiota. Increasingly, biologists have come to appreciate that microbes make up an important part of our health.

What set off your immune response?

When I say above that your body cannot recognise processed foods it’s really your microbes that you are confusing. If your Microbes don’t recognise something they may treat it as a threat and try to eliminate it, who knows how your genes will be responding to something that they don’t recognise, they may cause a rash to form, they may cause you to be sick to get rid of what they don’t like, they may cause a serious illness. The reaction will probably be different in each of us we are all unique. So you need to make the right environmental choices mainly but not only with your diet, basically if you want to stay healthy you need to look after your microbiota your own internal community. If you eat a lot of the bad foods you are feeding the bad microbes they will crowd out the good microbes and cause issues. Maybe they will cause a food sensitivity like Gluten or Wheat intolerance or you already have this sensitivity and don’t realise it, we are not all the same it may manifest itself differently in different people who knows. The first thing to think about is your gut health, if you are not having a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a day you have an issue. You should be having one bowel movement for every big meal you had the day before.

Take control you are the worlds greatest expert on you. Maybe the microbes will cause a child to get acne but maybe in the case of a very young child the lack of the correct microbes will develop into autism – as an aside here the latest research seems to prove this – over use of antibiotics in very young and infants has been proved to cause autism. If you were born by cesarean and not breast fed you will be at greater risk, as natural birth ensures the infant inherits the optimum microbes from their mother. If you take broad spectrum antibiotics you will be killing the good as well as the bad microbes you are probably doing just as much bad as good.

Too much sugar will grow your colony of bad microbes you will be feeding the inflammation that will cause elevated blood sugar levels – Diabetes. The added sugar that all processed foods seem to have is dangerous and highly addictive if you can’t get rid of body fat its because your building up the inflammation by eating the wrong diet. With processed food full of sugar each mouthful is feeding the inflammation response in your gut microbes. Sugar is just one factor there are quite a number of potential inflammatory things but we are all different and it’s not always going to be obvious, it could be Gluten or Wheat or Dairy it could be that you live close to roads and a breathing in exhaust fumes it could be that you are a heavy user of cleaning products and are breathing in the fumes, it could be the air freshener that your are breathing in. You could be killing your good bacteria by using anti bacterial products in your home killing microbes so causing your children not to build up any natural immunity to good bacteria so thus getting allergies or asthma it could literally be anything in this modern society. People in the past did not have the modern day diseases that we are all getting. We are causing our own health problems by living in this modern world and we have to start making changes ourselves or we will just be adding another person to the increasing health problem. Stop treating all germs and bacteria as a problem some are really good friends to you.

You need to discover what sets off any immune response in your body by gradually working through your diet and lifestyle and making changes.

What you can do…..

No supermarket meats unless they are organic grass fed, they are damaging as they fast grow animals, sometimes using antibiotics though banned in the UK they can still be in the food chain from muck spreading as fertiliser and the source of the processed foods may be from a country that has less stringent rules on production .

Supermarket meats are using animals that have been mass produced and feds grains to increase the size of the animal, note if the animal was getting fatter, eating that animal will make you fatter. Eat only grass fed meats preferably organic. Know where your meat comes from. A totally natural diet gives the animal the natural balance of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids, so you’ll be taking in the right balance from that part of your diet. These fats are a vital part of your diet.

No processed foods or foods where you can’t clearly understand the ingredients on the label.

No antibiotics unless in desperate need and if used followed up by a quality recommended course of pre and pro-biotics. I find a good source of supplements to be Amazon by reading the reviews, as long as there are sufficient reviews to give you an indication of whether it is a quality product, it’s the easiest way to get supplements and probably cheaper than health stores as you can also shop around on price.

No antibacterial cleaning products your killing the good guys. Watch out for cleaning products especially if you find you have a wheat or gluten intolerance as these guys are often in many non food products and listed under different names.

Eliminate stress as much as possible or at least manage it better

Make an effect to detox on a regular basis. If you have been getting vaccines then start taking some kind of heavy metal detox product. Same as if you have any amalgam fillings you could have mercury exposure.

Get as much sleep as you can.

Get your D3 blood level tested and start supplementing if your results show you under the current recommended optimal vitamin D level of  50-70 ng/ml. Though if you are treating cancer or heart disease, you should try to get the level as high as 70-100 ng/ml. If you live in the UK then supplement up to 30,000 IU’s a day for an adult. The D3 supplement will mention don’t go over a much lower amount don’t worry it wont kill you. If you go over 30,000 IU’s add K2 to your supplements to prevent hypercalcification. Read the book from Jeff T Bowles about his self experiment with D3 and follow his advice in the book. A D3 blood test is a critical test that your doctor is very probably ignoring. I myself have supplemented 100,000 IU’s a day for a month and then 200,000 IU’s a day for a few days and I’m still around but currently now on 80,000 a day. I would like to follow the Coimbra Protocol.  Dr Coimbra is a Neurologist from Brazil who is reversing MS symptoms he has had a 95% success rate on over 25,000 patients and totally curing Crones disease and other diseases with high dose D3, Unfortunately as I live in the UK we have no doctors following this protocol so I am doing high dose D3 without a doctors guidance.

AS an aside you could follow the Facebook group Personalized Vitamin D3 For MS With Michael Cawley As he personalises treatment with supplements very successfully.

No farmed fish products – wild caught Atlantic fish seem to be the least polluted but there is no guarantee so only eat once a week. Farmed fish are fed grains and not being a natural diet it affects the fish in a detrimental way, so it will have a detrimental affect on you.

Eliminate products with added sugar. The latest research on Alzheimer’s labels it as type 3 diabetes so keep on eating and drinking sugary products you know where you’ll be heading.

Always filter tap water researchers found adults with high levels of dichlorophenol – a chemical by-product of chlorine – in their urine, were up to 80 per cent more likely to have a food allergy see

There are a million and one things that can be added to this list but you must make and own food decisions for your own health journey.

There is a great book that looks at our bacteria from birth and what manipulates our development thereafter. It explains in great simplistic detail what’s happening in your microbiota.

Can inflammation be reversed once its manifested into a disease?

Yes definitely but it depends many things can be reversed you only need to look at YouTube you’ll find videos of individuals who have cured themselves from cancer by dietary changes. Dr Terry Wahls reversed many of her Secondary Progressive MS symptoms through the Paleo Diet. I’m reversing my MS symptoms through D3 supplementation and diet changes but then again it depends we are all different and you need to be very disciplined in your approach, but anything is possible and the research is out there if you go looking.

Remember there is no such thing as an incurable disease and I believe it is criminal to say a health condition is incurable as the placebo effect has a massive role to play in your health if you think your not going to get better every little worsening change to a symptom will focus your attention on getting worse not better STOP believing in getting worse focus totally on getting better.

Alzheimer’s could be caused by excess sugar

People who eat diets high in sugar could be at greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests.

For the first time, scientists have established a “tipping point” link between blood sugar glucose and the degenerative neurological condition.

Researchers from the University of Bath found excess glucose damages a vital enzyme involved with inflammation response to the early stage of the disease.

See full article:-

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