The modern health system is not designed to cure patients

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The modern health system is designed to operate on treating symptoms, not to cure the diseases that gave you the symptoms in the first place. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been on  large doses of D3 I’ve sailed through life without catching colds or flues, which had been catching out so many of the people surrounding me.

I bet you would find so many less incidences of colds and flu if NHS advised patents to take D3 in place of getting a very ineffective flu jab. I am really anti flu jabs anyway and here’s why:-

In the winter of 2009 I followed up getting a flu jab due to me apparently being very susceptible according the doctors letter. So I got the jab with the additional swine flu jab and it consequently brought on a major MS attack. I was bed ridden for a week and only after a massive doses of steroids did I get back to a reasonable mobility state. The jab could have left me permanently disabled as it was it left me far weaker and no longer able to run. But was I being told to get the jab because I really was at risk or because my doctors practice get paid for every flu jab they administer?

Inserted taken from NHS England prof flu vac payments.

Payment for FLu Jabs

If Doctors are being given incentives to use a vaccine rather than a more effective natural alternative what hope have we got. Here is a link taken from The Telegraph about Individual NHS doctors receiving £100,000 per year from drugs firms

Is our health really being taken care of by Doctors?

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