Drugs are not always the answer

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There are better ways drugs are not always the answer. Some enlightened doctors and researchers’ are coming up with better ways and although they still don’t know everything they are much more likely to get a better outcome for their patients. Functional medicine is surely the key.

Doctor are given so little time to really get to the heart of any problem they seem to have time to log on the their computer and dole out drugs. My doctors were hopeless when I had a stress induced MS attach which was a nerve pain attack. I was offered paracetamol or something similar a totally ineffective pain killer for nerve pain, I had to get the MS Nurse to tell my doctor to give me a massively high dose of steroids. The chemist thought the doctor had made a mistake with the dose and refused to give them to me without speaking to the doctor. I wouldn’t like to be long term on steroids but it was the first time in 8 years that I had actually been totally pain free amazing drugs and they served their purpose but long term use is seriously damaging.

Now I’m taking my high dose D3 I still have hypersensitivity when I wear trousers its like they are scalding me, but it’s been the same feeling I’ve had for years now so it’s just normal. Often now it’s getting less and less obvious I am forgetting more and more about it hopefully it’s going to completely disappear but at least it’s lessening.

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