Doomed by a vaccine the COVID nightmare!

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Most people laugh at me when I say the COVID vaccine contains Nano Particles, but this vaccine does. Are we in an episode of Dr Who? However see the ingredients of the vaccine…/comirnaty-epar-product… the 1 dose (0.3 mL) contains 30 micrograms of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (embedded in lipidnanoparticles).

Now look at what damage nano particles can do… particles._a_new_hazard. Don’t become a guinea pig for Big Pharma. No vaccine is safe especially not this one.

Health Concerns:-

Taken from a Friends of the Earth fact sheet:- Although the impacts of these novel materials on human health are largely unknown, one thing that is clear is that nanomaterials behave differently to bulk particles of the same chemicals. As the size of particles is reduced to the nano-scale the relative surface area and chemical reactivity increases.

Free radical production is believed to be one of the main causes of nanomaterial toxicity and can cause cell damage and even cell death.1 Nanomaterials can gain access to the body via the airways, skin or ingestion. Once there, they have been found to translocate to the liver, spleen, heart and brain 2 and may remain the body for extended periods.3 Preliminary evidence suggests that nanomaterials in processed food may be associated with rising levels of immune system dysfunction, inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract and Crohn’s disease. 4 Scientists have warned that the main health concerns with nanomaterials will result from chronic low dose exposures over a life time – potentially leading to increased incidences of degenerative diseases.5

To see further information about this and to read the fact sheet in full go to:-

Wake up!

The thing is we won’t know when a health condition arises in the weeks/months after the vaccine, whether it was triggered by the vaccine. It’s the perfect way to down size the population without accountability, is this the aim? I am strangely becoming a conspiracy theorist it’s moving the human race into the unknown. Who’s playing God in the current scenario?

Yet the people are all rushing to get these foreign artificial compounds injected into their bodies WAKE UP WORLD find out what is really going on!

What needs to happen? Friends of the Earth is calling for:

  1. A mandatory register of nanomaterials to allow the tracking of nanomaterials through the supply chain and risk assessments to be conducted;
  2. A moratorium on the commercial release of products containing nanomaterials until testing has determined that they are safe;
  3. The labelling of all products containing nanomaterials to allow consumer choice. 
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