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Turtles All the Way Down (Vaccine Science and Myth)

Must Read this book:

– Asks: Why, after 7 decades, don’t we have proof vaccines provide more benefit than risk?

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a parent of a young child or someone who wishes to productively engage in the vaccine debate sweeping the world today, this book is a must-read.

By Madhava Setty, M.D.

See the full article :-

Being seriously damaged by a vaccine I find it hard to just stand aside in the vaccine debate. Just read the book and hopefully start asking more questions.

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What caused your health issue updated

I’ve updated my Eureka moment article again, now after 5 years of research.

Everybody needs to take responsibility for their own health as we have been constantly misled by modern society and the modern systems. We have come to believe that doctors know everything, often they are are brilliant at what they do but all too often they opt for the prescription pad without considering a natural treatment. Also conventional medicine is based on the one size fits all approach. We are all individuals with different diets and lifestyles surely functional or holistic medicine must be the way forward.

We are all gradually damaging ourselves and conventional medicine is only geared at treating the symptoms and not resolving or preventing the cause . Over 3 years ago doctors were telling me to stop taking the massive doses of vitamin D3 I was taking, I was given several tests but they all came out as normal even the thyroid test despite the fact that I had lost all the hair on the edge of my eye brows a classic sign of a thyroid issue (Thyroid Healthy). I started on a natural thyroid supplement and my eye brows are back to normal. That seems to be the thing now you can carry on going to your doctor and getting a standard often inadequate test or you can do the research yourself. So far I have got far better results treating myself.

Here is why I believe you got your health problem and I got MS.

My conclusions about this are confirmed if you read Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions: 3rd Edition

If you are overweight that is inflammation that is unhealthy you are damaging yourself, if you have any sort of health condition say Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Crones disease, Cancer, Heart issues etc.. that is caused by inflammation. If you keep forgetting things and getting Dementia type symptoms that is inflammation. If you have any health condition diagnosed or not that is probably inflammation.

So what causes inflammation?

Inflammation is caused by the expression of your genes.  Your heath starts at inception where 20% of your health becomes programmed by your genes 80% by your environment. OK that figure has been quoted in a number of publications and I can’t see how that ratio was arrived at, but go along with it as it’s probably close to the truth. Think of your genes being like keys on a giant keyboard and as you live your life your environment plays a tune with your genes switching them on and off, get your environment factors wrong and a bum note is played and the bad genes get the on key pressed. Play that wrong note too often and the keyboard gets out of tune your bad genes get switched maybe permanently on. Its been discovered recently that gene expression can be completely reversed, whereas previously we were all told that some diseases were totally incurable this has been disproved.

My explanation is obviously a very simplistic interpretation but hopefully it gives you the idea. This process to generate a health issue can take years which is why you or your doctors don’t recognise what the cause is, it may have taken anywhere from birth to your current age to form.

So what causes your Genes to be expressed?

Keep on playing the note wrong and the note can’t be pressed anymore it’s damaged it stays on and needs to be re tuned. You have ended up with a issue maybe a disease as your genes have been expressed. Your environment, living\working in a built up area*, your lifestyle, your eating choices, your geographic location, how much sun exposure you have (D3 levels), how much bad air you breath in, insufficient fresh natural air, textiles in your house, some modern materials**,  how much chemical exposure*** you are subject too and how much exercise you get plays the gene keyboard. Stress levels (A massive major player),  plus many many other things…. Basically you cause your own health problems by not providing the optimum environment for your body to thrive and play the correct tune.

*Traffic congestion increases vehicle emissions and degrades ambient air quality, and recent studies have shown excess morbidity and mortality for drivers, commuters and individuals living near major roadways

**Not all synthetic fabrics go straight into the “no” column, but some are more skin-friendly than others. Man-made fabrics—like polyester, nylon, and spandex—and wool may cause skin irritation, known as dermatitis Trusted Source. While most natural fabrics and nylon are breathable, silk and many synthetics are not, and wearing them can lead to athlete’s foot or other irritation or fungi due to trapped moisture. Check clothing tags for anything non-natural and bin it if it causes a rash.

**Asthma is associated with kids being exposed to cleaning products. 

Your body is a finely tuned complex organism designed to be given exactly what it needs to stay healthy and is able to eliminate foods/toxins it doesn’t find optimal for your health  This is why you throw up after ingesting a bad meal. Its also why it stores away food away when it’s not recognised so you build up fat stores. If you eat a health diet  you will naturally not be storing fat, as long as you’re not habitually over eating.

It’s not really that simple!

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles and diet causes amongst other things some of the poor environmental factors. Your body cannot recognise foods that are processed they often have dangerous fats, they are missing vital minerals, or the minerals have been corrupted. Processing extracts minerals from foods or at least changes the constitution of minerals so your body does not recognise them, so your not getting the nutrients your body needs. This all leads to your body storing fat as it thinks your starving its why you can’t shed that weight. Genes will end up getting expressed and you will become ill. It all takes a long time building so you aren’t going to notice the inflammation response building up, that is why you still go on doing the things that are damaging you.

The processed food industry knows all about this yet they do nothing about it except package more processed foods under new ‘healthy’ labels, though it’s still the bad stuff but more attractively packaged you only have to read the labels properly to discover this for yourselves.

But that’s not all, the thing/s that actually controls the whole process is our microbiota. Increasingly, biologists have come to appreciate that microbes make up an important part of our health. Humans are 90% microbes read on…

What set off your immune response?

When I say above that your body cannot recognise processed foods it’s really your microbes that you are confusing. If your Microbes don’t recognise something they may treat it as a threat and try to eliminate it, who knows how your genes will be responding to something that they don’t recognise, they may cause a rash to form, they may cause you to be sick to get rid of what they don’t like, they may cause a serious illness. The reaction will probably be different in each of us we are all unique. So you need to make the right environmental choices mainly but not only with your diet, basically if you want to stay healthy you need to look after your microbiota your own internal community. If you eat a lot of the bad foods you are feeding the bad microbes they will crowd out the good microbes and cause issues. Sugar feeds the bad  microbes.

Maybe they will cause a food sensitivity like Gluten or Wheat intolerance or you already have this sensitivity and don’t realise it, we are not all the same it may manifest itself differently in different people who knows. The first thing to think about is your gut health, if you are not having a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a day you have an issue. You should be having one bowel movement for every big meal you had the day before.

Take control you are the worlds greatest expert on you. Maybe the microbes will cause a child to get acne but maybe in the case of a very young child the lack of the correct microbes will develop into autism – as an aside here the latest research seems to prove this – over use of antibiotics in very young and infants has been proven to cause autism. Tough autism has also been associated with vaccines. If you were born by cesarean section and not breast fed you will be at greater risk, as natural birth ensures the infant inherits the optimum microbes from their mother. If you take broad spectrum antibiotics you will be killing the good as well as the bad microbes you are probably doing just as much bad as good.

Too much sugar will grow your colony of bad microbes you will be feeding the inflammation that will cause elevated blood sugar levels – Diabetes. The added sugar that all processed foods seem to have is dangerous and highly addictive if you can’t get rid of body fat its because your building up the inflammation by eating the wrong diet. With processed food full of sugar each mouthful is feeding the inflammation response in your gut microbes. Sugar is just one factor there are quite a number of potential inflammatory things but we are all different and it’s not always going to be obvious, it could be Gluten or Wheat or Dairy it could be that you live close to roads and a breathing in exhaust fumes it could be that you are a heavy user of cleaning products and are breathing in the fumes, it could be the air freshener that your are breathing in. You could be killing your good bacteria by using anti bacterial products in your home killing microbes so causing your children not to build up any natural immunity to good bacteria so thus getting allergies or asthma it could literally be anything in this modern society. People in the past did not have the modern day diseases that we are all getting. We are causing our own health problems by living in this modern world and we have to start making changes ourselves or we will just be adding another person to the increasing health problem. Stop treating all germs and bacteria as a problem some are really good friends to you.

You need to discover what sets off any immune response in your body by gradually working through your diet and lifestyle and making changes.

What you can do…..

No supermarket meats unless they are organic grass fed, they are damaging as they fast grow animals, sometimes using antibiotics though banned in the UK they can still be in the food chain from muck spreading as fertilizer and the source of the processed foods may be from a country that has less stringent rules on production . Meat if used in your diet should contribute only 5% of your plate. Eat only grass fed meats preferably organic. Know where your meat comes from. A totally natural diet gives the animal the natural balance of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, so you’ll be taking in the right balance from that part of your diet. Omega fats are a vital but only in the natural balance.

Autism has been seen to be as a result of heavy metals in vaccines start looking at detox products like Advanced TRS, or Pure Body extra strength   You could also look up the work of Dr Jennifer Daniels and the turpentine cure.

No vaccines full stop, do your research they have never been proven to work despite what you’ve been told, it’s been well proven  that giving a child the MMR vaccine at too young an age causes autism. If this has happened to your child see above. The hidden amount of damage from the latest round of COVID vaccines over 24,000 reported deaths so far apparently, look at the VARS database freely available to download.

No processed foods or foods where you can’t clearly understand the ingredients on the label.

No deodorant that has aluminium in the contents. Too much aluminium has been found in the brains of Alzheimer patients. In fact make your own so you know whats in it.

No cooking with Aluminium pans or tin foil.

Introduce more relation time yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, breathing exercises etc…

No toothpastes with fluoride in the contents look up the harm it can do read this is a post.

No antibiotics unless in desperate need and if used followed up by a quality recommended course of pre and pro-biotics. I find a good source of supplements to be Amazon by reading the reviews, as long as there are sufficient reviews to give you an indication of whether it is a quality product, it’s the easiest way to get supplements and probably cheaper than health stores as you can also shop around on price. No binders, fillers or GMO. Preferable natural organic natural source.

No antibacterial cleaning products your killing the good guys. Watch out for cleaning products especially if you find you have a wheat or gluten intolerance as these guys are often in many non food products and listed under different names.

Eliminate stress as much as possible or at least manage it better.

Take quality supplements vitamins and minerals. I find turmeric is a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory only buy organic too many bad brands out there.

Get good quality sleep if you are struggling in this are use quality natural supplements do some research in this area one major reason might be is that you are short on magnesium a major factor for most  people are deficient due to modern farming methods read this book:-

Make an effect to detox on a regular basis. If you have been getting vaccines then start taking some kind of heavy metal detox product. Same as if you have any amalgam fillings you will have mercury exposure which might have caused your issue in the first place. Get rid of your amalgam fillings using a suitably qualified dentist who knows the dangers of mercury.

Lower your alcohol consumption it affects you sleep amongst other things, sleep is one of the most important things for your health.

Stop all our electrical devices in your room for sleep and don’t have them in your room whilst you sleep stop your WiFi connection overnight.

No pharmaceutical products drugs mask symptoms and leech magnesium Your body gives you the symptom to inform you that something is wrong listen too it and research for a natural treatment to support you. Most symptoms will benefit from a high dose vitamin D3 regime.

Vitamin D screening assay is readily available, but the reported lower limit of the normal range. Note the normal range is the range needed not to die so very inappropriate as a measure.

Get your D3 blood level tested and start supplementing if your results show you under the current recommended optimal vitamin D level of  50-70 ng/ml. This amount is totally inadequate for disease prevention. Based on the epidemiological studies, approximately 75% of all adults worldwide have serum 25(OH)D levels of <30 ng/mL.  Though if you are treating cancer or heart disease, you should try to get the level as high as 70-100 ng/ml. If you live in the UK then supplement up to 30,000 IU’s a day for an adult. The D3 supplement will mention don’t go over a much lower amount don’t worry it wont kill you. If you go over 30,000 IU’s add K2 to your supplements to prevent hyper-calcification.

Read the book from Jeff T Bowles about his self experiment with D3 and follow his advice in the book. A D3 blood test is a critical test that your doctor is very probably ignoring. I myself have supplemented 100,000 IU’s a day for a month and then 200,000 IU’s a day for a few days and I’m still around but currently now on 70,000 a day. You could try to follow the Coimbra Protocol.  Dr Coimbra is a Neurologist from Brazil who is reversing MS symptoms he has had a 95% success rate on over 25,000 patients and totally curing Crones disease and other diseases with high dose D3, Unfortunately as I live in the UK we have no doctors following this protocol so I am doing high dose D3 without a doctors guidance. What Dr Coimbra misses is that many people have failures with his protocol due to heavy metal poisoning, if fact heavy metal poisoning may give you the exact same symptoms as having Multiple Sclerosis.

As an aside you could follow the Facebook group Personalized Vitamin D3 For MS With Michael Cawley As he personalises treatment with supplements very successfully.

Watch out for nano particles the are in the food chain now and in vaccines they won’t be on labels as they are unregulated seek out organic or home grow if possible.

No farmed fish products – wild caught Atlantic fish seem to be the least polluted but there is no guarantee so only eat once a week. Farmed fish are fed grains and not being a natural diet it affects the fish in a detrimental way, so it will have a detrimental affect on you.

Watch out if you are taking fish oil supplements our seas our now so polluted look st the evidence to ensure the supplement is free from contaminants.

Eliminate products with added sugar. The latest research on Alzheimer’s labels it as type 3 diabetes so keep on eating and drinking sugary products you know where you’ll be heading.

Always filter tap water researchers found adults with high levels of dichlorophenol – a chemical by-product of chlorine – in their urine, were up to 80 per cent more likely to have a food allergy see

There are a million and one things that can be added to this list but you must make and own food decisions for your own health journey.

Food is not enough now, as our soils are so deficient you will need to supplement. Most important is magnesium, Omega 3, Vitamin C, E, Zinc, Selenium, D3, K2 and the full spectrum of B vitamins make sure B12 is in there, B12 deficiency can lead to dementia like symptoms, and will lead to dementia if not addressed.

There is a great book that looks at our bacteria from birth and what manipulates our development thereafter. It explains in great simplistic detail what’s happening in your microbiota.

Can inflammation be reversed once its manifested into a disease?

Yes definitely but it depends many things can be reversed you only need to look at YouTube you’ll find videos of individuals who have cured themselves from cancer by dietary changes. Dr Terry Wahls reversed many of her Secondary Progressive MS symptoms through the Paleo Diet. I’m reversing my MS symptoms through D3 supplementation and diet changes but then again it depends we are all different and you need to be very disciplined in your approach, but anything is possible and the research is out there if you go looking. Healing is a marathon not a sprint.

Remember there is no such thing as an incurable disease and I believe it is criminal to say a health condition is incurable as the placebo effect has a massive role to play in your health if you think your not going to get better every little worsening change to a symptom will focus your attention on getting worse not better STOP believing in getting worse focus totally on getting better.

Doomed by a vaccine the COVID nightmare!

Most people laugh at me when I say the COVID vaccine contains Nano Particles, but this vaccine does. Are we in an episode of Dr Who? However see the ingredients of the vaccine…/comirnaty-epar-product… the 1 dose (0.3 mL) contains 30 micrograms of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (embedded in lipidnanoparticles).

Now look at what damage nano particles can do… particles._a_new_hazard. Don’t become a guinea pig for Big Pharma. No vaccine is safe especially not this one.

Health Concerns:-

Taken from a Friends of the Earth fact sheet:- Although the impacts of these novel materials on human health are largely unknown, one thing that is clear is that nanomaterials behave differently to bulk particles of the same chemicals. As the size of particles is reduced to the nano-scale the relative surface area and chemical reactivity increases.

Free radical production is believed to be one of the main causes of nanomaterial toxicity and can cause cell damage and even cell death.1 Nanomaterials can gain access to the body via the airways, skin or ingestion. Once there, they have been found to translocate to the liver, spleen, heart and brain 2 and may remain the body for extended periods.3 Preliminary evidence suggests that nanomaterials in processed food may be associated with rising levels of immune system dysfunction, inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract and Crohn’s disease. 4 Scientists have warned that the main health concerns with nanomaterials will result from chronic low dose exposures over a life time – potentially leading to increased incidences of degenerative diseases.5

To see further information about this and to read the fact sheet in full go to:-

Wake up!

The thing is we won’t know when a health condition arises in the weeks/months after the vaccine, whether it was triggered by the vaccine. It’s the perfect way to down size the population without accountability, is this the aim? I am strangely becoming a conspiracy theorist it’s moving the human race into the unknown. Who’s playing God in the current scenario?

Yet the people are all rushing to get these foreign artificial compounds injected into their bodies WAKE UP WORLD find out what is really going on!

What needs to happen? Friends of the Earth is calling for:

  1. A mandatory register of nanomaterials to allow the tracking of nanomaterials through the supply chain and risk assessments to be conducted;
  2. A moratorium on the commercial release of products containing nanomaterials until testing has determined that they are safe;
  3. The labelling of all products containing nanomaterials to allow consumer choice. 
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Why do we give our power away?

As we grow up we all remember our parents saying things like Doctor knows best, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away. All these sayings and more indoctrinate us all to the belief that Doctors are some God like creatures that must be obeyed and listened to at all costs. After all Doctors study hard for their title and they are supposedly the most intelligent people in our society as they have to be highly exam smart to get into the medical program but does that mean they know everything and deserve that God like reverence?

What happens to them when they get into a local medical practice with the volume of patients to see and the limited time allocated to see them all. You get to where we are now the doctor just uses his computer to see the appropriate drug to prescribe and sends you on your merry way. Next time you get another prescription to counteract the side effects of the first prescription and the saga continues. The drug companies and powers that be have a system whereby the Doctors surgery or doctor ends up being paid to prescribe one drug or another, so a legal Drug Lord, I assume not what they signed up for.

Now all the hype about vaccines are you aware that the doctor gets paid for every vaccine injected? so they lose money when you refuse. Let’s get this straight it’s in their interest to get you or your child vaccinated, not necessarily yours. ITS ABOUT MONEY not necessarily about your health why would they do the research finding any potential harm, to put themselves out of pocket.

What about payment for the covid vaccine. GPs will be paid £12.58 per Covid vaccination jab administered – but will only receive payment after the second of two doses Also if you read the article be prepared for side effects..

One of two chances of me getting this vaccine one’s called fat the other one’s slim….

Why give the control of your body to someone else? You are the world’s greatest expert on you, no one else. You have control of what you put into to your body, if you give control away you’re just delivering yourself into becoming a slave of the system. Your free to make your own decisions about your health so please make them.

It’s double standards here I work in financial services and by law we would have to disclose to a customer if we received any remuneration from the advice being given. Did your doctor or health care practitioner disclose to you that they were being paid to vaccinate you? Never heard of this?

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