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D3 is an amazing hormone. Since I started my health experiment it has caused various reactions from people most very encouraging happily supporting what I am doing. Because people know I’ve been constantly reading up on medical and health information, I am getting asked more and more about what they should take for this and that. My answer is always along the same lines I’m not a doctor you could try taking D3 but read about it first make sure you fully understand the dangers; I’m not convinced myself about all of the dangers but I know what they could be and am always on the lookout for them.

It has given me a greater appreciation of Doctors. We go to the Doctors expecting them to answer all our questions and come out with a prescription for some drug or other that will cure our issue. It must be sole destroying to be a Doctor in this day and age. That is why I was so encouraged to read the article that Jeff Knowles sent me about Dr Coimbra in Brazil. This Neurologist has pushed the boat out with his work using D3 to treat Neurological conditions, it’s so refreshing to read good news for a change. Unfortunately there are no followers of Dr Coimbra’s protocol in the UK where D3 is waiting for clinical trials, the general feeling in the UK is that D3 doesn’t work. It won’t work if the doses used are insufficient which they inevitably will be. Jeff Knowles’s work has shown how poor the knowledge is of D3 is in the medical community. The UK has not picked up on the fact that people with Neurological conditions do not metabolise D3 like other unaffected people might. Wake up to the global information out there, Now over 4,000 MS sufferers in remission worldwide surely that is the clinical trial that proves the effectiveness of D3. Many doctors around the world are coming on board with this to great effect, but sadly not in the UK

The Coimbra protocol explained


Jeff Knowles started getting pains in joints that were healing with his D3 experiment, so when I started on D3 I was expecting my left ankle to play up. I had sprained this ankle several times over the years, but the last x-ray I had showed that an earlier sprain wasn’t a sprain at all but I had chipped the bone and there was a small piece of the bone dislodged. So come the high doses of D3 I was waiting for my ankle to start hurting, well it did but only after I got my D3 doses up to 200,000 IU’s something I did just for a few days. I’d been on 100,000 for over a month before I upped the dose.

I am definitely not any expert but what I am doing is working for me and I highly recommend it, but not without reading and gaining an understanding about the undertaking. Don’t bother with any experiment with your health if you’re not prepared to embrace it totally 200%. If you have MS like me:-

  • You must alter your diet.
  • You must be prepared to be more active and embrace building up your fitness and exercise.
  • If you are in a family environment and not living alone. You must get support from your family they may also need to embrace your dietary changes as well. This will get very difficult if you are surrounded by people on a different diet than that you are on.
  • You must drink 3 litres or more of water a day or more herbal teas can be counted towards the 3 litres total as well.

Don’t rush expecting miracle improvements right away a disease like MS may have taken say 20 – 40 years or more to form there is no magic pill that will resolve your symptoms overnight. I gave myself 2 years at the start of this to see if it had any impact, but it’s now only 15 months in and I know I’m now committed for life. The improvements were obvious within about 4 months nothing major but enough to convince me that I’m on the right path.

Before you start get your D3 levels tested. If your doctor won’t do this you can do a home test in the UK the following site offers more information about what’s involved, but it’s just a spot of blood on a slide, nothing too difficult.

Blood Spot Test Kit Order Line

Tel: +44 (0)121 507 4278

Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00 UK time

Actually it’s kind of criminal that doctors don’t get a D3 test done for all of their patients on a regular basis, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

Before you start I suggest you have a clear understanding of the symptoms to look out for if you may encounter a problems with your health experiment:-

Although most people take vitamin D supplements without any problems, it’s possible to take too much. This is called vitamin D toxicity. When your 25(OH)D levels are too high, this can cause high levels of calcium to develop in your blood. High blood calcium is a condition called hypercalcemia. Now if you have an auto immune disease like me it is now known that our ability to process D3 is compromised. Before you start on high doses you will probably get results of a D3 blood test coming back as deficient then after high doses excessive. You should just be concerned with ensuring you have none of the symptoms of D3 toxicity. I had no symptoms when the lab came back to me telling me I was 1,000 times over the recommended limit that was a few months ago and I still have no symptoms, and all my doctors checks gave me showed no issues though I obviously had a thyroid issue which I am reversing with selinium, ashwagandha, magnesium and tumeric current NHS test are inadequate for thyroid they are checking for Throyd hormone levels in your brain not your cells, by the time your brain is affected you are most probably very poorly. How did I know? Well I lost the hair on the end of my eye brows and lower lashes. Not now if i was dealing with a functional medicine practitioner the would have looked at me as a whole entity and noticed this.

I also found a Vitamin B issue my nails started to get ridges a Niocin deficiency.

The symptoms of hypercalcemia include:

  • Feeling sick or being sick
  • Poor appetite or loss of appetite
  • Feeling very thirsty – unlikely if you are following the recommendation of drinking 3 litres of water a day.
  • passing urine often – this one is difficult to judge as with MS you may already have this as an issue before starting any supplements but think have things changed. Drinking the 3 litre of waters per day is required so again it’s impossible to judge this one properly! I recommend if you can drinking more than 3 litres.
  • Constipation or diarrhoea – Well this should be easy if like me you have changed your diet to one high in fibre, things in this area should have dramatically improved so changes will be noticeable, but you still should not have any abnormal bowel movements.
  • abdominal pain
  • Muscle weakness or pain – Another one difficult to judge so again think have things changed. I found occasional aches, but only twinges really and once I built up my activity they soon disappeared.
  • bone pain
  • Feeling confused -Another one difficult to judge so again think have things changed? I was suffering from brain fog before D3 but not since or at least I’m not noticing it any more.
  • Feeling tired – Again think have things changed?

On the results of the 25(OH)D test you’ll have the results ranked as to where you are within the recommended standard. The standard quoted is extremely low. People with MS metabolise D3 differently I was 1,000 times over the recommended limit at one time with no adverse affects  (the Lab panicked and phoned me) but don’t panic too much about these results get advice from your doctor but be warned they will know less than you on this journey once you start reading up.

Holick MF. Calcium and Vitamin D. Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Clin Lab Med. 2000 Sep;20(3):569-90)

Most people in the UK will be deficient. I was in the normal range when I started but I had been taking 5,000 IU’s daily for 10 years prior to starting this journey, that dose hadn’t made any difference to me, also I’d been on JuicePlus for 6 months which is a product high in D3 so my levels would have been distorted before the start of my D3 experiment. The way I judged it was based on Jeoff’s book he noticed pain from joint remodelling so I based my doses on whether I noticed any pain in my ankle where I had a chipped bone. I built up to 100,000 D3 tablets for a month after 6 months and I still noticed no ankle pain. I went onto 200,000 for a few days and instantly noticed some pain. I backed off to the amount recommended by Dr Coimbra based on my weight so have settled to 60,000 a day with my main meal. I am still getting a small amount of pain in my ankle so I think the remodelling has started but will probably be slower as I have lowered the dose. I’ll probably give it about a month and if no different will up the does again for a few days.

It’s all about listening to your body if things are changing are they changing for the better? The one test that is vital is your blood calcium level if that is normal and you feel normal then you’re doing great, If anything is changing for the worse stop the D3 and rethink what you are doing. Have you adjusted your diet, are you’re taking sufficient K2 and is it the MK4 or MK7 version, some people taking the MK4 version got heart palpitations, make the switch as per Jeff’s book.


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