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Videos of D3 success stories

Video success stories of vitamin D









Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls | TEDxIowaCity


This video is from 2011 one of the comments lists a useful list of diet foods. Dr Wahls got fabulous results reversing her MS symptoms with the Paleo Diet.


I thought the description needed an outline, so I wrote one:
Summary of brain healthy nutrients:
These protect the brain:1:18
Fish Oil
co-enzyme Q 10 (coQ10 for short)
Myelin protects the brain, it needs: 2:14
B1 – thiamine
B9 – folate (folic acid)
B12 – cyanocobalamin
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Neurotransmitters need: 3:06
B6 – pyridoxine
To make mitochondria to thrive: 3:20
B vitamins
Generalised arguments for a more nutrient rich diet. – 4:08
Where to get these nutrients from food? (~9:00)
9 cups of veg and berries a day before, grain, potatoes, dairy, and meats
3 cups of green leaves – 9:15
kale being a big deal (kale chips, juiced, salad, in soups etc.),
parsley, cilantro, dark leafy greens.
     3 cups sulphur rich vegetables: – 10:15
The cabbage family (that explains the smell when you cook it) including, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, rutabaga, & radishes.
The onion family: onions, garlic, leeks, chives, shallots Mushrooms and asparagus
3 cups bright coloured veg/fruit – 10:54
    Colours are high in flavonoids and anti-phenols (antioxidants)
    Some veg: Beets, carrots, cabbage (red), peppers (sweet and spicy), etc.
    Some fruits: Blueberries, strawberries, peaches, oranges, raspberries, blackberries, etc. Animal protein profile – 11:25
Daily, unknown quantity:
    Wild fish = omega 3 fatty acids = Myelin and straight teeth
    Salmon and herring
    Grass fed meat Once a week, unknown quantity:
Organ meats = vitamins, minerals, and coenzyme Q (coQ10)
    liver, heart, tongue, gizzard, sweat breads.
Iodine – 12:15
Necessary for removing heavy metals
low levels increase cancer risk
  Once a week: seaweed (sushi anyone?) – iodine, and selenium

Sometimes all of the puzzle pieces just fit!

Well after 14 months of research I believe I arrived at my Eureka moment, a moment when I started to put all the pieces of the puzzle into place. If you’ve read any of my blog posts before you may have realised that I am on my own personal health journey I have now come to a point where all I have learnt is making sense and coming together and it really is very simple, but very VERY worrying for the state of your health. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their own health as we are all gradually damaging ourselves and conventional medicine is only geared at treating the symptoms not resolving or preventing the cause .

If you are overweight that is inflammation that is unhealthy you are damaging yourself, if you have any sort of health condition say Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Crones disease, Heart issues etc.. that is caused by inflammation. If you keep forgetting things and getting Dementia type symptoms that is inflammation. If you have any health condition diagnosed or not that is probably inflammation.

So what causes inflammation?

Inflammation is caused by the expression of your genes.  Your heath starts at inception where 20% of your health becomes programmed by your genes 80% by your environment. OK that figure has been quoted in a number of publications but I can’t see how that ratio was arrived at but go along with it as it’s probably close to the truth. Think of your genes being like keys on a giant keyboard and as you live your life your environment plays a tune with your genes switching them on and off, get your environment factors wrong and a bum note is played and the bad genes get the on key pressed. Play that wrong note too often and the keyboard gets out of tune your bad genes get switched almost permanently on. This is obviously a very simplistic interpretation but hopefully it gives you the idea.

So what causes your Genes to be expressed?

Keep on playing the note wrong and the note can’t be pressed anymore its damaged it stays on and needs to be re tuned. You have ended up with a issue maybe a disease as your genes have been expressed. Your environment, your lifestyle, your eating choices, your geographic location, how much sun exposure you have (D3 levels), how much chemical exposure you are subject too and how much exercise you get plays the gene keyboard. Basically you cause your own health problems by not providing the optimum environment for your body to thrive and play the correct tune.

It’s not really that simple!

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles and diet causes amongst other things some of the poor environmental factors. Your body cannot recognise foods that are processed they often have dangerous fats, they are missing vital minerals, or the minerals have been corrupted. Processing extracts minerals from foods or at least changes the constitution of minerals so your body does not recognise them, so your not getting the nutrients your body needs. This all leads to your body storing fat as it thinks your starving its why you can’t shed that weight. Genes will end up getting expressed and you will become ill. It all takes a long time building so you aren’t going to notice the inflammation response building up, that is why you still go on doing the things that are damaging you.

The processed food industry knows all about this yet they do nothing about it except package more processed foods under new ‘healthy’ labels, though it’s still the bad stuff but more attractively packaged you only have to read the labels properly to discover this for yourselves.

But that’s not all, the thing/s that actually controls the whole process is our microbiota. The following taken from Wikipedia:-

All plants and animals, from protists to humans, live in close association with microbial organisms (see for example the human microbiome). Up until relatively recently, however, biologists have defined the interactions of plants and animals with the microbial world mostly in the context of disease states and of a relatively small number of symbiotic case studies. Organisms do not live in isolation but have evolved in the context of complex communities. A number of advances have driven a change in the perception of microbiomes, including:

  • the ability to perform genomic and gene expression analyses of single cells and even of entire microbial communities in the new disciplines of metagenomics and metatranscriptomics
  • massive databases making this information accessible to researchers across multiple disciplines
  • methods of mathematical analysis that help researchers to make sense of complex data sets

Increasingly, biologists have come to appreciate that microbes make up an important part of an organism’s phenotype, far beyond the occasional symbiotic case study

When I say above that your body cannot recognise processed foods it’s really your microbes that you are confusing. If your Microbes don’t recognise something they may treat it as a threat and try to eliminate it, who knows how your genes will be responding to something that they don’t recognise, they may cause a rash to form, they may cause you to be sick to get rid of what they don’t like, they may cause a serious illness. The reaction will probably be different in each of us we are all unique. So make the right environmental choices mainly but not only with your diet, basically if you want to stay healthy you need to look after your microbiota your own internal community. If you eat a lot of the bad foods you are feeding the bad microbes they will crowd out the good microbes and cause issues. Maybe they will cause a food sensitivity like Gluten or Wheat intolerance or you already have this sensitivity and don’t realise it, we are not all the same it may manifest itself differently in you who knows. The first thing to think about is your gut health, if you are not having a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a day you have an issue.

Take control you are the worlds greatest expert on you. Maybe the microbes will cause a child to get acne but maybe in the case of a very young child the lack of the correct microbes will develop into autism – as an aside here the latest research seems to prove this – over use of antibiotics in the very young and infants has been proved to cause autism. If you were born by cesarean and not breast fed you will be at greater risk, as natural birth ensures the infant inherits the optimum microbes from their mother.  If you take broad spectrum antibiotics you will be killing the good as well as the bad microbes you are probably doing just as much bad as good.

Too much sugar will grow your colony of bad microbes you will be feeding the inflammation that will cause elevated blood sugar levels – Diabetes. The added sugar that all processed foods seem to have is dangerous and highly addictive if you can’t get rid of body fat its because your building up the inflammation by eating the wrong diet. With processed food full of sugar each mouthful is feeding the inflammation response in your gut microbes. Sugar is just one factor there are quite a number of potential inflammatory things but we are all different and it’s not always going to be obvious, it could be Gluten or Wheat or Dairy it could be that you live close to roads and a breathing in exhaust fumes it could be that you are a heavy user of cleaning products and are breathing in the fumes, it could be the air freshener that your are breathing in. You could be killing your good bacteria by using anti bacterial products in your home killing microbes so causing your children not to build up any natural immunity to good bacteria so thus getting allergies or asthma it could literally be anything in this modern society. People in the past did not have the modern day diseases that we are all getting. We are causing our own health problems by living in this modern world and we have to start making changes ourselves or we will just be adding another person to the increasing health problem. Stop treating all germs and bacteria as a problem some are really good friends to you.

You need to discover what sets off any immune response in your body by gradually working through your diet and lifestyle and making changes.


No supermarket meats they are damaging as they fast grow animals using antibiotics though banned in the UK they can still be in the food chain from muck spreading as fertiliser and the source of the processed foods may be from a country that has less stringent rules on production .

Supermarket meats are using animals that have been mass produced and feds grains to increase the size of the animal, note if the animal was getting fatter, eating that animal will make you fatter. Eat only grass fed meats preferably organic. Know where your meat comes from.

No processed foods or foods where you can’t clearly understand the ingredients on the label.

No antibiotics unless in desperate need and if used followed up by a quality recommended course of pre and pro-biotics. I find a good source of supplements to be Amazon by reading the reviews, as long as there are sufficient reviews to give you an indication of whether it is a quality product, it’s the easiest way to get supplements and probably cheaper than health stores as you can also shop around on price.

No antibacterial cleaning products your killing the good guys. Watch out for cleaning products especially if you find you have a wheat or gluten intolerance as these guys are often in many non food products and listed under different names.

Eliminate stress as much as possible or at least manage it better

Get as much sleep as you can.

Get your D3 blood level tested and start supplementing if your results show you under the current recommended optimal vitamin D level of  50-70 ng/ml. Though if you are treating cancer or heart disease, you should try to get the level as high as 70-100 ng/ml. If you live in the UK then supplement up to 20,000 IU’s a day for an adult. The D3 supplement will mention don’t go over a much lower amount don’t worry it wont kill you. If you go over 20,000 IU’s add K2 to your supplements to prevent hypercalcification. Read the book from Jeff T Bowles about his self experiment with D3 and follow his advice in the book. A D3 blood test is a critical test that your doctor is very probably ignoring. I myself have supplemented 100,000 IU’s a day for a month and then 200,000 IU’s a day for a few days and I’m still around but currently now on 60,000 a day. I am following the Coimbra Protocol.  Dr Coimbra is a Neurologist from Brazil who is reversing MS symptoms he has had a 95% success rate on over 25,000 patients and totally curing Crones disease and other diseases with D3.

No farmed fish products – wild caught Atlantic fish seem to be the least polluted but there is no guarantee so only eat once a week. Farmed fish are fed grains and not being a natural diet it affects the fish in a detrimental way, so it will have a detrimental affect on you.

Eliminate products with added sugar. The latest research on Alzheimer’s labels it as type 3 diabetes so keep on eating and drinking sugary products you know where you’ll be heading.

Always filter tap water researchers found adults with high levels of dichlorophenol – a chemical by-product of chlorine – in their urine, were up to 80 per cent more likely to have a food allergy see

There are a million and one things that can be added to this list but you must make and own your own health journey.

There is a great book that looks at our bacteria from birth and what manipulates our development thereafter. It explains in great simplistic detail what’s happening in your microbiota.

Alanna Collen is a science writer with degrees in biology from Imperial College London, and a PhD in evolutionary biology from University College London and the Zoological Society of London

Can inflammation be reversed once its manifested into a disease?

Maybe it depends many things can be reversed you only need to look at YouTube you’ll find videos of individuals who have cured themselves from cancer by dietary changes. Dr Terry Wahls reversed many of her Secondary Progressive MS symptoms through the Paleo Diet. I’m reversing many of my MS symptoms through D3 supplementation and diet changes but then again it depends we are all different and you need to be very disciplined in your approach, but anything is possible and the research is out there if you go looking.



The D3 effect

D3 is an amazing hormone. Since I started my health experiment it has caused various reactions from people most very encouraging happily supporting what I am doing. Because people know I’ve been constantly reading up on medical and health information, I am getting asked more and more about what they should take for this and that. My answer is always along the same lines I’m not a doctor you could try taking D3 but read about it first make sure you fully understand the dangers; I’m not convinced myself about all of the dangers but I know what they could be and am always on the lookout for them.

It has given me a greater appreciation of Doctors. We go to the Doctors expecting them to answer all our questions and come out with a prescription for some drug or other that will cure our issue. It must be sole destroying to be a Doctor in this day and age. That is why I was so encouraged to read the article that Jeff Knowles sent me about Dr Coimbra in Brazil. This Neurologist has pushed the boat out with his work using D3 to treat Neurological conditions, it’s so refreshing to read good news for a change. Unfortunately there are no followers of Dr Coimbra’s protocol in the UK where D3 is waiting for clinical trials, the general feeling in the UK is that D3 doesn’t work. It won’t work if the doses used are insufficient which they inevitably will be. Jeff Knowles’s work has shown how poor the knowledge is of D3 is in the medical community. The UK has not picked up on the fact that people with Neurological conditions do not metabolise D3 like other unaffected people might. Wake up to the global information out there, Now over 4,000 MS sufferers in remission worldwide surely that is the clinical trial that proves the effectiveness of D3. Many doctors around the world are coming on board with this to great effect, but sadly not in the UK

The Coimbra protocol explained


Jeff Knowles started getting pains in joints that were healing with his D3 experiment, so when I started on D3 I was expecting my left ankle to play up. I had sprained this ankle several times over the years, but the last x-ray I had showed that an earlier sprain wasn’t a sprain at all but I had chipped the bone and there was a small piece of the bone dislodged. So come the high doses of D3 I was waiting for my ankle to start hurting, well it did but only after I got my D3 doses up to 200,000 IU’s something I did just for a few days. I’d been on 100,000 for over a month before I upped the dose.

I am definitely not any expert but what I am doing is working for me and I highly recommend it, but not without reading and gaining an understanding about the undertaking. Don’t bother with any experiment with your health if you’re not prepared to embrace it totally 200%. If you have MS like me:-

  • You must alter your diet.
  • You must be prepared to be more active and embrace building up your fitness and exercise.
  • If you are in a family environment and not living alone. You must get support from your family they may also need to embrace your dietary changes as well. This will get very difficult if you are surrounded by people on a different diet than that you are on.
  • You must drink 3 litres or more of water a day or more herbal teas can be counted towards the 3 litres total as well.

Don’t rush expecting miracle improvements right away a disease like MS may have taken say 20 – 40 years or more to form there is no magic pill that will resolve your symptoms overnight. I gave myself 2 years at the start of this to see if it had any impact, but it’s now only 15 months in and I know I’m now committed for life. The improvements were obvious within about 4 months nothing major but enough to convince me that I’m on the right path.

Before you start get your D3 levels tested. If your doctor won’t do this you can do a home test in the UK the following site offers more information about what’s involved, but it’s just a spot of blood on a slide, nothing too difficult.

Blood Spot Test Kit Order Line

Tel: +44 (0)121 507 4278

Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00 UK time

Actually it’s kind of criminal that doctors don’t get a D3 test done for all of their patients on a regular basis, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

Before you start I suggest you have a clear understanding of the symptoms to look out for if you may encounter a problems with your health experiment:-

Although most people take vitamin D supplements without any problems, it’s possible to take too much. This is called vitamin D toxicity. When your 25(OH)D levels are too high, this can cause high levels of calcium to develop in your blood. High blood calcium is a condition called hypercalcemia. Now if you have an auto immune disease like me it is now known that our ability to process D3 is compromised. Before you start on high doses you will probably get results of a D3 blood test coming back as deficient then after high doses excessive. You should just be concerned with ensuring you have none of the symptoms of D3 toxicity. I had no symptoms when the lab came back to me telling me I was 1,000 times over the recommended limit that was a few months ago and I still have no symptoms, and all my doctors checks gave me showed no issues though I obviously had a thyroid issue which I am reversing with selinium, ashwagandha, magnesium and tumeric current NHS test are inadequate for thyroid they are checking for Throyd hormone levels in your brain not your cells, by the time your brain is affected you are most probably very poorly. How did I know? Well I lost the hair on the end of my eye brows and lower lashes. Not now if i was dealing with a functional medicine practitioner the would have looked at me as a whole entity and noticed this.

I also found a Vitamin B issue my nails started to get ridges a Niocin deficiency.

The symptoms of hypercalcemia include:

  • Feeling sick or being sick
  • Poor appetite or loss of appetite
  • Feeling very thirsty – unlikely if you are following the recommendation of drinking 3 litres of water a day.
  • passing urine often – this one is difficult to judge as with MS you may already have this as an issue before starting any supplements but think have things changed. Drinking the 3 litre of waters per day is required so again it’s impossible to judge this one properly! I recommend if you can drinking more than 3 litres.
  • Constipation or diarrhoea – Well this should be easy if like me you have changed your diet to one high in fibre, things in this area should have dramatically improved so changes will be noticeable, but you still should not have any abnormal bowel movements.
  • abdominal pain
  • Muscle weakness or pain – Another one difficult to judge so again think have things changed. I found occasional aches, but only twinges really and once I built up my activity they soon disappeared.
  • bone pain
  • Feeling confused -Another one difficult to judge so again think have things changed? I was suffering from brain fog before D3 but not since or at least I’m not noticing it any more.
  • Feeling tired – Again think have things changed?

On the results of the 25(OH)D test you’ll have the results ranked as to where you are within the recommended standard. The standard quoted is extremely low. People with MS metabolise D3 differently I was 1,000 times over the recommended limit at one time with no adverse affects  (the Lab panicked and phoned me) but don’t panic too much about these results get advice from your doctor but be warned they will know less than you on this journey once you start reading up.

Holick MF. Calcium and Vitamin D. Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Clin Lab Med. 2000 Sep;20(3):569-90)

Most people in the UK will be deficient. I was in the normal range when I started but I had been taking 5,000 IU’s daily for 10 years prior to starting this journey, that dose hadn’t made any difference to me, also I’d been on JuicePlus for 6 months which is a product high in D3 so my levels would have been distorted before the start of my D3 experiment. The way I judged it was based on Jeoff’s book he noticed pain from joint remodelling so I based my doses on whether I noticed any pain in my ankle where I had a chipped bone. I built up to 100,000 D3 tablets for a month after 6 months and I still noticed no ankle pain. I went onto 200,000 for a few days and instantly noticed some pain. I backed off to the amount recommended by Dr Coimbra based on my weight so have settled to 60,000 a day with my main meal. I am still getting a small amount of pain in my ankle so I think the remodelling has started but will probably be slower as I have lowered the dose. I’ll probably give it about a month and if no different will up the does again for a few days.

It’s all about listening to your body if things are changing are they changing for the better? The one test that is vital is your blood calcium level if that is normal and you feel normal then you’re doing great, If anything is changing for the worse stop the D3 and rethink what you are doing. Have you adjusted your diet, are you’re taking sufficient K2 and is it the MK4 or MK7 version, some people taking the MK4 version got heart palpitations, make the switch as per Jeff’s book.


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